About Us


Tyla Lusk the CEO of Tigerlily Creations LLC, aka “Queen of Bling”, is a seasoned professional permanent makeup artist, designer, inventor, importer, & multi business owner based in Southwest Florida with over 25 years working in the beauty industry, wholesale, retail, and manufacturing industries. She is also the creator of patented Tigerlily Interchangeable SandalsTLC Show-Off Bag, Diva Defense Pepperspray, and countless other products. Tyla’s products have been sold in on QVC, national department stores, and thousands of boutiques, salons & spas nationwide. 

Tyla also works personally with several large companies designing and sourcing products for their individual brands & needs. Her creativity and passion for designing and sourcing not only functional but fabulous products is what sets her apart from all others. 

Tyla is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur who is using her vast experience building her business and designing products to help streamline the process of how to design, import and even create new products for other businesses or brands, wanting to increase revenue and exposure by bringing their own custom branded products to the marketplace.

Due to all the years of experience and relationships she has built over the years of importing and designing, she has developed an eye for finding the very best textiles, vendors, and sources to custom manufacture products with the highest level of quality and excellence. 

Tyla has a gift of putting all the pieces together that make your personal brand shine through to your products, delivering not only unique but functional & fabulous custom products to your customers. She believes that when your personal brand can be integrated into your products, your opportunities for growth are endless. With social media & online marketing, you have the opportunity to be inside peoples homes and connected with them in a way that could not have been done decades before. The way of doing business has changed dramatically. When you can extend that touch right through to your branded products, that is where the magic happens.

Tyla loves designing her own Tigerlily products, but even more she loves helping others bring their ideas and custom items to life. If you need help with this or would like more info, fill out the connect with us form and we would love to see if we are a good fit! Happy shopping and thanks so much for supporting our small business. 

xoxo Tyla