Tigerlily Sandals: Beautiful Versatility

Posted by JEFFREY LUSK on

Tigerlily Sandals have been around for over 12 years, the creation of my wonderful wife Tyla.

When she set out to make this sandal, she was going for comfort, she was looking to make them affordable, she was looking to make a statement. She did that, and so much more ! They really are the worlds most versatile sandal. With over 140 strap prints available, and over 80 sandal concho blings to chose from, these sandals will match your everyday outfits, your swimwear, even your mood.

From sports bling, to sealife bling, from western chic, to looks that inspire, this sandal is just what the tagline says...."One Sandal, Endless Possibilities". I might be a little biased(since it is my wife), but I got to tell you, our customers will tell you... the quality is there, the feel is there(so very comfortable), most styles have arch support that cradles your foot, and the variety is definitely there. Don't take my word for it, give it a try, put on a pair and enjoy the look, feel, and versatility of these great sandals yourself.